WordPress Speed Optimization and Sales Page Mastery


WordPress Speed Optimization and Sales Page Mastery

enefits for Students:

  1. Choose cheap and reliable Web Hosting
  2. Choose your domain name /transfer domain name
  3. Install, SSL Certificate without tech experience (WTE)
  4. Install and configure WordPress (WTE)
  5. Install and configure all necessary plugins (WTE)
  6. Create your sales page from scratch (WTE)
  7. Test webpage speed (WTE)
  8. Implement WordPress speed optimization (WTE)
  9. Implement free email capture (WTE)
  10. Implement a chat/support widget to your sales page (WTE)
  11. and much more…

Who are the target students?

  1. Vendors
  2. Affiliate marketers
  3. Digital marketers and Agencies
  4. Digital Entrepreneurs
  5. Anyone who needs WordPress Speed Optimization
  6. Anyone who wants to learn how to Create Fast and Powerful Sales Pages in WordPress
  7. Businesses who are trying to get the Fastest WordPress site and Sales Pages on the internet
  8. Individuals who want to make money online
  9. Individuals who want to work from home…


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